Synthetic chamois car drying towel vending machine

EURO-DRY is an innovative vending machine with disposable towels for wiping and drying the car after washing.

EURO-DRY increases customer convenience & satisfaction, enriches the car wash facility?s offer, attracts new customers, increases the loyalty of existing customers and creates a stable source of additional income.



Our synthetic chamois towels perfectly absorb remaining water, clean mirrors, lights, windows, wiper blades and the interior of the vehicle, making the washing process complete and fully satisfying.


About us

EURO-EKOL was established in 1996 in Łódź. Initially, we were focused on selling portal car washes. Since 2006, we?ve been observing the ever growing interest in touchless car washes on the market, and we finally decided to write a new chapter for our company. We started our own production of self-service car washes, starting with innovative washing techniques, and finishing with additional equipment.



In order to receive our offer, please contact us:

+48 504 087 222

We are looking for distributors in Poland and abroad