Vending machine for selling synthetic chamois leather disposable towels

Chamois leather vending machine is an innovative device on a European scale designed for selling synthetic chamois leather cloths. With the help of synthetic chamois leather, we can easily and quickly get rid of water residues at the end of the vehicle washing process. Installation of the device is simple and requires only a 230V power supply.

Perfect match

A wide range of colors, along with the use of a light source in LED RGB technology, allows you to adjust the device to the visual identification of an existing or new facility.

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Convenience and Safety

The electronic coin slot ensures ease of use by using different values of coins. For the car wash customer the cost of chamois leather 50cm x 50cm is 1?, you can purchase it by inserting a 1? coin, 2 x 0,50? or a token. The coins are stored in a container protected by a lid with an approved safe lock.

The casing is made of thick galvanized metal sheet, covered with powder varnish. Mounting to the ground is made with the use of acid-resistant steel anchors. The drive mechanism is made of acid-resistant steel, using rollers with a brake. In the absence of chamois leather in the device, the device will inform the customer by changing the LED color to red and will not accept coins.

Device dimensions

  • height 1620mm
  • width 950mm
  • depth 350mm

Device weight

  • net 90kg
  • gross 100kg

Power Supply

  • voltage 230V
  • current 3A
  • frequency 50Hz
  • security B6

Frame color

  • White

Filling color

  • yellow
  • orange
  • red
  • blue
  • green
  • gray
  • anthracite
  • black

Other corporate colors optionally possible.

Industrial design protected by patent law Wp.28895


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